About Us

Hi!!! Welcome to BOLDLY BLONDE! If you're reading this, then let me start off by saying THANK YOU!!!!

So let me introduce myself. My name is Carson and I'm the owner (amongst many other roles) of Boldly Blonde. Let's just say I wear all the hats. LOL. I'm 28 years old (started BB when I was 25) and a graduate of the best University in the world, Mississippi State, of course! ;)

I've worked in retail and sales since my junior year of college and have ALWAYS had a passion for clothing/styling and helping others find outfits they can feel great in. Boldly Blonde has been an absolute dream of mine for as long as I can remember and when 2019 started I knew that this was the year God had planned for me to bring this lifelong dream to fruition. 

Boldly Blonde is all about the girl who wants to be trendy and cute but who also doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg to do so. LOL. Now don't get me wrong, when an unbeatable piece comes along, there's always room for a little splurging from time to time. ;)

I hope you are inspired by Boldly Blonde and feel confident and BOLD when wearing the pieces you have purchased. Here at BB, we are committed to making you feel like your best self and of course always looking like your best self too, duh! 

I look forward to this amazing journey and seeing how you all help bring Boldly Blonde to life!